Pfsense web access based on username

  • Hi to all.. i tried using pfsense becoz it think it is suited for our requirements. I tried to use the squid proxy for the web filter with authentication.. i just want to know if it is possible that the web access or blocking and allowing a user will be based on his/her username and not for the ip/mac address of the PC.. For example the admin and the user uses the same pc –> PC1 same IP and same mac address.. but with different logins, the administrator will going to login as admin and the user will be user.. IF the admin will login on the web browser for authentication.. he/she can access all the sites while if the user will going to login in the browser using the same pc he/she will only have a limited access on the internet, like he/she is block with facebook, tumblr, yahoo, etc.. is it possible?
    thanks alot.. your answer is so much appreciated.. :)

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