Port forwarding IP in pfsense with u-verse router?

  • hello guy..i need help port forwarding,,so i have a 2wire u-verse router and pfsense box..how do i setup portforwarding? do i have to portforward eg: in u-verse and portforward again the same IP and  PORT in my pfsense box?


  • Yes, you do that or, if the u-verse supports it, put the u-verse into bridge mode.

  • he..i put 192.168.1.XX  to DMZ mode in uverse 2wire router  and port forward the same IP in my pfsensebox using NAT> PORT FORWARD., method. and i tested it outside the network and it seems to be not working any idea?


  • There are many, many potential problems, from your ISP blocking whatever port you're using to you having the same subnet (192.168.1.) on both pfSense interfaces.

    Start by checking to see if you can reach the device from the LAN using the LAN IP and the port. Then connect between the pfSense host and the u-verse box and see if you can connect using the WAN IP (and port) of the pfSense host.

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