Is there a dedicated place to report bugs?

  • If so, could I have a pointer please?

  • You can use and/or this forum itself.

  • redmine, but unless you really know what you're doing, please post here first. The bulk of the "bugs" we get from outside people are config problems, not bugs.

  • Human-factors recommendation:

    If fields such as the PPPoE username, pw, etc are to be gated by the "Selected type" field, the ones that can't be edited should be disabled, not made r/o.

    An even more appropriate solution would be to get rid of the "Selected type field" and use javascript to determine the type by looking at which field the user elects to type in, disabling all those not relevant.  E.g., the moment I type the first character of my accountname into the PPPoE account field, all other candidates for protocol type are disabled unless and until I delete what I typed.

  • that kind of thing is fine to file as a bug report, when you have what's clearly an improvement to usability with specific replicable steps that properly define the problem. The kind of thing we're accustomed to from outside users are things like "X doesn't work!" with nothing beyond that, on things that definitely work.

  • Is there a special way to get an account in the bugs system?  Logging in with my account here didn't work, so I tried to register for a separate account there but didn't get any response.

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