Low end hardware Pfsense hardware for 100 meg internet connection

  • Guys I have a 100x5 internet connection mainly we stream Netflix, VPN back into the office, online Xbox gaming, and we use newsgroups with about 20 connections going to the newsgroup provider.  Anyway with all of that said my current Pfsense is a core2duo 2.6 with 8 gigs of ram so I have zero performance problems with Pfsense however I would like to convert that system to media pc. So I'm thinking about going back to my old Pfsense box before I got a 100 meg connection it is a P3 750 with 768 gigs of ram with Intel pro 1000 MT nics. Do you guys think this  system will be able to handle everything also I would need it for at least 2 Openvpn connections?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The P3 should handle 100Mbps ok but it won't manage anything like that for vpn traffic. I would guess ~25Mbps.


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