Failover log

  • It's possible make a failover log, recording changes between WANs of gateways group?


  • Hi!!!
    i dont know for log…. but... i've an aswer for you (if you can help me!!!)
    I configured a gateway group for failover between two connection....
    if wan1 goes down pfsense switch on wan2.... but when wan1 turn on pfsense dont switch on it...
    Can you help me with this trouble??

  • Wich trigger level have you choose?

    I had the same problem before because I choosed "Packet loss or high latency", and when I looked, I saw that one had more latency ever than the other. I don't know if I explain it very well. I choose "packet loss" for safety. Be sure to put in firewall >> Rules >> LAN the advanced setting "GATEWAY GROUP GATEWAYS NAME" on LAN net rule.

    I hope that helped you.

  • Nobody have a failover log? The option doesn't appears, but it seems a necessary function, it's very strange.

    Thanks again.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    These changes are logged in the system log. It shows alarms for gateways when they happen and what gateways are being removed from service.

    On 2.1 this has moved to its own separate Gateways tab.

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