Failover monitoring

  • Hi all,
    I configured a gateway group for failover between two connection….
    if wan1 goes down pfsense switch on wan2 ( ;D)  .... but when wan1 turn on pfsense dont switch on it... ( ??? )
    Can someone can help me with this trouble??

  • I responsed you on my post.

    Wich trigger level have you choose?

    I had the same problem before because I choosed "Packet loss or high latency", and when I looked, I saw that one had more latency ever than the other. I don't know if I explain it very well. I choose "packet loss" for safety. Be sure to put in firewall >> Rules >> LAN the advanced setting "GATEWAY GROUP GATEWAYS NAME" on LAN net rule.

    I hope that helped you.

    EDIT: And, try the connection in a router for make sure that this wan really works, I have 2 routers to test wan in this cases.

  • ThankS….
    i'm going to try.....

    i've this situation:   
    site 1                                                                      Site 2
                          |--------->MPLS (opt1) <-------------|
      Pfsense-------|                                                    |-------Pfsense

    In my openvpn configuration i've indicated the remote lan for routing.....
    I' must delete this or i can leave it??
    (Sorry for my english)...

  • I'm asking a lot of similar questions - so welcome to the club!

    The best answer to this question of failover from a dedicated link to a VPN connection comes from,53811.0.html where you add the IPSec connection as an interface.

    I still haven't tried this yet but when I do I will write a post a guide.

  • ;D … The Club!!!!

    Yes i tried it..... but if i dont use "Remote subnet" in openvpn config....a dont see any route to remote site...
    But... if i user "remote subnet" pfsense use always this route and dont make failover...

  • Is are your Internet access rules under the LAN configured under Advanced with a specification of your failover group as its gateway?

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