How to configure the auto detect squid proxy?

  • Hi to all,

    please help me on How to configure the auto detect squid proxy?
    kindly give me the steps..

    i already configure my proxy with squid and squidGuard.. but the proxy will just be effective when i change the proxy setting of my browser. ip add:port.. i want this setting to be auto detect by the computers..please help.. thank alot!

  • I can download the files wpad.dat. wpad.da and proxy.pac.. but still auto detect is not working.. what am i missing?? kindly help.. this is so much appreciated..  ;)

  • Hello,

    Here you can find explanations on how to configure wpad :

    Basically you have to have a web server serving the wpad file (reachable without proxy) at the address : http://wpad.mydomain.tld and auto dectect network settings activated in internet options (if using ie or chrome) or in options - advanced - network (if using firefox). The wpad address could also be specified in the dhcp server (option 252).


  • I tried to follow that instruction, but didn't work.. any documentation you can give? thanks

  • I attach the screen shot of what i did..kindly help me out, if ever i missed something.. thanks everyone! ;)

  • tcpdump packages on lan to see what dns info(port 53) your machine is looking for when you open the browser.

  • my wpad file looks like that as i don't want proxy for local and vpn servers

    maybe this can help you

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    // If IP address is internal or hostname resolves to internal IP, send direct.
            var resolved_ip = dnsResolve(host);
            if (isInNet(resolved_ip, "", "") ||
                    isInNet(resolved_ip, "",  "") ||
                    isInNet(resolved_ip, "", "") ||
                    isInNet(resolved_ip, "", ""))
                    return "DIRECT";
            return "PROXY proxy.domain.lan:3128; DIRECT";

    maybe you could also check the webserver logs to see if your hosts grab the wpad file

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