Problem with shaping single IP using "Penalty Ip" in newest snapshot

  • If i understand right, setting up a "Penalty IP" in the traffic shaping wizard, should let me cap the connection to a single host.

    So i have this PC with a torrent running all night, and want to cap the upload to 100kb/s.

    First i remove the wizard to "reset" everything, before i run the wizard again. Then i specify ip as penalty IP, and set both up and down to 10kb/s, just to be sure it's working.

    The wizard finishes, and creates many rules automaticly. Everything looks ok to me, but it does not make a difference at all. Using PFtop, i can see that still transfers like normal, and the traffic graph confirms this.

    Here is some screenshots of the setup:

    Does anyone know what may be wrong?