Routing Bug (no actual bug)

  • to the  developers,

    i found an bug in the routingstack.


    i have 3 interfaces WAN, LAN, OPT1.

    the defaulte route goes over WAN.

    i have a IPSEC Tunnel on the WAN Interface for to a remote site.

    Now i configure a route to opt1 for

    The bug ist nothing happens, all packets will be routed to the wan.

    can you check how?

    i think normaly the metric of the smaller net will route all traffic to opt1.
    is it possible that the ipsec tunnel have some interaction with the routing?

    normaly the ipsec config should only affected traffic goes over the wan interface.

    Do not hassitated to contact me.


  • This is NOT a bug.
    That's how IPSEC works.
    Traffic is redirected before it's applied to the routing table.

    If you want to make use of the routing table you need to use OpenVPN.

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