1 External to 2 internal IP

  • I have a block of 5 external IP's. I need one of those IP's to NAT to 2 Internal IP, How do I accomplish this?

  • You are looking to use port forward. You cannot do this if you are wanting to NAT to the same port on the external side. Perhaps if you give some more details, we could help a little bit more.

  • I need do a 1 to 1 NAT that looks like this –-> --->

    Do to my setup I already have the ports That I need being used on my LAN sub net under a different external IP. These are setup on a webserver sub net. If doing a 1 to 1 doesnt work that way, can I assign that whole subnet Its own static external IP? and how would I do that?

  • Yes you can build ports for each external IP address. –-> ---> ---> --->

  • I think I'm doing a terrible job explaining what I need is setup as a virtual IP on my pfsense box. I have to have the following 2 servers share that external address and will have ports 80 and 443 forwarded to it and will have ports 25, 10000, and 20000 to it. I tried to setup a 1 to 1 NAT like below –-> --->
    I then port forward 80 and 443 to and 25, 10000, 20000 to
    I then tried from a external server from my network to test to insure those ports where open. The 1 to 1 NAT only works for One or the other not both. What do I need to do to get those two servers to share the same external IP address?

  • Get rid of 1:1 nat from your config.

  • 1:1 NAT can only work for one IP. You can do what you want with port forward and advanced outbound NAT. Setup the port forwards like to have said, then in the outbound nat, switch to manual and add at the top 2 entries, one for each of the two ip address. For the Address it is translating to, use the common external IP.

  • if you haven't solved this
    try –-> --->
    need to create 2 port forwards
    so  http (port 80) goes to server
    and the 2nd one  forwards (https) port 443

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