Make the wifi access points part of the LAN

  • Hi everyone!
    I've got 2 routers provided by the ISP, each having its own access to the web and I wanted to take advantage of them with pfsense. So I put my LAN behind pfsense that does load balancing and failover. So far everything is good the only problem is that the 2 routers are also the access point for laptops which need to be part of the LAN and I also want them to pass through pfsense for the load balancing feature.
    I was thinking of buying and putting an access point behind pfsense but is there a another way to do it?

    Thanks for any help you can give me

    PS: Sorry for my English

  • Are your two routers handling DHCP requests from the wireless devices?
    A (really hackish) solution would be:

    • Disable DHCP on the access-points,
    • Connect the LAN part of the pfSense to the access points

    The resulting setup would look like this:
    (i assume the WLAN and the LAN part on the modems is bridged)

    x.x.x.x                        y.y.y.y
      WAN                            WAN
    Modem1 WLAN                     Modem2 WLAN
      LAN(               LAN(
       |                              |
                       |    |
         (  LAN(

    All clients would be in the 10.0.0.x subnet
    The gateways for modem1 and modem2 would have to be added manually on the pfSense

    This isn't a proper solution but should work.

  • Ok I see, looks a bit unsecure.I think the best way would be to add an wifi access card to pfsense and mananage the wifi and dhcp from there.
    Thanks you help me clarify some things

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