• Hey guys,
    Quick question - is it possible to route certain domain names to particular DNS servers with the rest going to others.

    The situation is we have our local AD network being pb.local. At the moment that is fine, I use our Domain Controller DNS server as the forwarder for PFsense which in turn acts as the DNS server for a few subnets. One of our domains in the forest is a FQDN and I would like to be able to externally query records for this domain ie have our MS DNS servers publically available. However if I were to do this at the moment it would become an open relay.

    Is it possible in PFsense to say route only pb.local queries to our MS DNS servers and route the rest via our ISP's recursive DNS servers?

  • I think you can do that if you set pfSense as your DNS server and then setup domain overrides in the DNS forwarder to pump pb.local to your MS DNS server.

  • Ah domain overrides are what I need! Thanks.