• Hello,

    I have a system with pfsense2 and an ALL500VDSL2 from Allnet. The router is configured as a modem for my pfsense. The pfsense is connecting via pppoe. I have a small IP subnet from my provider and i want to setup a second interface which connect to the pppoe connection like a bridge. Is this possible? I want to setup some hosts directly with public ips from the subnet. At the same time i want to setup a dmz with private ip address and NAT. My pfsense has 10 interfaces. One is used as DMZ, one for the VDSL modem and one for the "public" hosts. But i do not know how to route the public ips to the hosts and from the hosts in the internet.

    Perhaps somebody know the ALL500VDSL2 and it would be possible to connect via pppoe directly and route all traffic to the pfsense interface. But i do not know if it works with this router / modem.