Bandwidth degradation

  • Hi,

    I am using pfSense 2.0.1. I used to do bandwidth tests. I have 2 Mbit/s leased line connection.
    Without pfSense I was able to measure 2 Mbit/s download/upload rate but when my machine was behind the
    pfSense I was able to measure only 1.84 Mbit/s download/upload rate.
    During the tests there were no any machines on the LAN. I tested with other speedtest sites. The results were
    the same. The machine what the pfSense runs on is powerfull. CPU utilization is 0% regarding the dashboard.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



  • Hello,

    Maybe check either mtu or interface duplex / autoneg etc..


  • hi thanks.
    I have already checked the full duplex/half duplex settings. what mtu do you suggest?

  • It actually depends on the type of connection

    but if there's pppoe in the path you could try 1492 or 1454 cf :


  • there is no pppoe in the path. the router ends a synchron leased line and the pfSense
    connected to the router's lan interface. I really do not know what the problem can be.

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