NAT is not working NAT 1:1 for IP subnet LAN

  • I have 4 free static IP xx.xx.xx.139 xx.xx.xx.140 xx.xx.xx.141 xx.xx.xx.142 IP pfsense - xx.xx.xx.139 netmask /29 =
    I have server www apache mysql perl… give this ip NAT for static IP xx.xx.xx.140

    I add virtualIP xx.xx.xx.140 and use NAT>1:1 add External subnet: xx.xx.xx.140 add Internal subnet: /

  • Did you create firewallrules to allow the incoming traffic? Only 1:1 NAT is not automatically passing all traffic (which would be a bad idea anyway).

    Let's say one of your IPs is a webserver for example you need a pass rule like this:

    protocol tcp
    source IP any
    sourceport any
    destination IP <lan-ip of="" mailserver="">(NAT comes first, then firewallrules are applied so you have to use the internal IP as destination)
    destinationport http (80)</lan-ip>