20121016 Snapshot fails to boot

  • AMD Athlon™ II X3 450 Processor, using the amd64 image on a hard disk (full) install.

    I upgraded from 20121012 to 20121016 via auto-upgrade, and the system failed to boot.  Once it got to 'starting firewall' and said done, it just sat there.  The system wasn't hung, and hitting ctrl-c would drop you to a single user shell.

    I installed fresh (erasing the drive using quick install) the 20121016 memstick image (to ensure it wasn't my config file or packages) and had the same result.  I installed the 20121010 image and the system boots fine.

    No error messages noticed anywhere.

  • I have the same problem after updating to 20121017 on my Pentium 3 machine :(
    And also finding out that I forgot to download the last full system backup after the last update…

    I'm reinstalling now.
    It's running again :) but saving config is lower then normal…
    So reinstalling tomorrow from Oct 14, snapshot live cd.

  • What was the last one that worked? I updated to the 16th and 17th and neither booted so I'm on an older one. My config (which I though was from about a week ago) hangs the machine on reboot after it's restored (have to double check the date though of that config but I thought it was before this problem happened). Anyone else failing to boot?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are either of you using an IPv6 DHCP WAN, perhaps?

    Not much really changed over the last few days, aside from a few tweaks to the IPv6 DHCP client and a couple typo fixes and things that wouldn't be run at bootup.

  • @jimp:

    Are either of you using an IPv6 DHCP WAN, perhaps?

    Yep, I have IPv6 DHCP enabled on WAN
    So if I disable IPv6 DHCP on WAN and update to Oct 18 snapshot I should be fine??

  • I'm pretty sure I've disabled IPv6 but later I'll have to confirm (but it's been working up til the other day). Thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The IPv6 dhcp client is probably to blame. A potential fix went in a bit ago, snaps from later today should be better.

  • I'm not using DHCPv6 on WAN (am using DHCPD v6 on LAN), but this also happens from a clean install (no existing config file, just straight easy install and reboot).

  • Finally everything is running again.

    There is probably some kind of error in my config.
    Today I reinstalled with Oct 14 Live CD and it failed.
    Formatting the dive is not working so did that on my mac.
    Restoring the config did ok, but it failed to reinstall the packages
    so the startup failed and did not load DHCP, Firewall etc.

    This did happen 3 times.

    After reinstalling 2.0 (still failed to format drive) and update the the oct 14 Snapshot and restoring the config
    the same errors.

    After some trying, I could load the Package Manager available packages page and installed the missing packages.
    After that a reboot and everything looks fine and I updated to today's snapshot. (Disabled IPv6 DHCP on WAN first)

    But still loading the Available or Installed Packages page or save the config is really slow.

    Also more annoying is that internet pages take longer to connect and load.
    Any tips ?

  • Internet speed is definitely related to squid package.
    And that while I did update the loader.conf and sysctr.conf which fixed speed before…
    I tried version 2 and 3 but is not getting better  :(

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