Bootup Hanging After Upate 17-Oct-2012 12:44

  • Hangs durring boot up after the post WAN interface firewall config

    Anyone else having troubles with the 17-Oct-2012 12:44 update?

  • Yep, I have the same problem,

    I replayed here:

  • I reinstalled from Oct 14 Live CD and apply saved config.  Everything is fine.

    I'll wait for a few updates to pass under the bridge before jumping for one.

  • Manually applied the Oct 15 & 16 commits to Oct 14 Live CD installation and works fine.

    Was there any binary updates or other changes between the 14th - 17th?

  • same issue with brand new installation haniging on "…. wan ..."

    I have a workaround if you have a backup xml file:

    1. ctr + C to get to the single user shell
    2. run /etc/rc.initial.setlanip
    3. set the LAN to an IP that you can reach...  skip the dhcpd settings ...
    4. connect a computer to the LAN
    5. go to webconfigurator "diagnostics->backup/restore"
    6. restore from your xml
    7. reboot the firewall


  • When I encountered the issue, for some reason I had the distinct impression it was hanging @ getting a WAN dhcp address.  Possibly why using an existing config avoids the issue?

    Wasnt there some update or something for the dhcp daemon around 10-16?

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