Lose WAN connectivity after reboot - SOLVED

  • I have been running pfsense 1.01 for a few months.  Whenever the system reboots (usually a local power failure) the pfsense box comes up but I lose connectivity with the ISP.  In the pfsense configuration the ISP gateway IP address is correctly assigned to and the router external (WAN) IP is correct  Internal LAN connectivity is fine except I lose the ISP DNS resolution (as expected).

    netstat -r

    does not show a default gateway

    I can get things to work by manually running ifconfig and route:

    ifconfig re0 netmask

    and then

    route add default

    I have a static WAN IP address and am setting routes without dhcp.

    Any thoughts on resolving this would be appreciated.

    Sam Bowen

  • Can you replicate the same with 1.2b1? There have been so many bugs fixed that 1.0.1 that it's impossible to say if it's something that's been fixed since then. My guess would be that it is.

  • I have upgraded to pfSense version 1.2-BETA-1.  Still no joy.  On subsequent reboots every thing is fine except the static WAN IP is not reachable.

    Initially the netstat -r reports no gateway.

    Ifconfig shows:

    inet netmask 0xffffffff broadcast

    I think that the broadcast address of looks bogus but this is what happens after every reboot.

    I checked the /conf/config.xml and the default LAN IP,  the WAN IP and are all correct.

    Once again if I:

    ifconfig re0 netmask

    route add default

    Then netstat -r will show as a gateway.

    Ifconfig then shows:

    inet netmask broadcast

    The first netmask looks to me like inet6 format but I am not as familiar with inet6.  At least for inet4  the second netmask and broadcast channels look reassuringly correct.

    I think pfSense is binding (or attempting to bind) a single IP for the server but the ISP gateway doesn't like this.  Perhaps the ISP gateway is not inet6 fluent?

    Sam Bowen, MD

  • After contacting my ISP they revealed that the subnet had been changed on my block of IP addresses to a 25 bit subnet so the problem has been solved by using 24.158.60/25.

    Thanks guys.