Multi WAN + Dansguardian (Squid)

  • Hello.

    I have the following scenario working with Failover Gateway Group:

    WAN1 - Tier2 and default
    WAN2 - Tier3
    WAN3 - Tier1
    LAN2 (not in use)

    Tafic Shaping is enabled too.
    Everything is working as expected.

    Now I want to us Dansguardian (with squid).
    When I enable it Dansguardian works this way:
    Routing is through LAN1 and WAN1 (the default gateway) and NOT LAN1 and WAN3 (Tier1).
    Squid is not using the Gateway group as wanted.
    DMZ is not reachable.

    How can it be done?


  • Due to the fact that i have several tunnels on WAN1 and WAN3 ist PPPoE
    I want to start more simple.

    I'd like to have squid on WAN3.
    When I bind squid to WAN3 interface I can not reach the proxy.
    How can it be done?

  • This instruction works (with squid):  :),38882.msg200321.html#msg200321

    I tried several other ones (like from DimitiS) but these did not work for me.

    Now it's up to dansguardian.

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