Pound + HaProxy / Internal Connectivity

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to setup a Pound + HaProxy rig on pfsense and i'm hitting a wall here.

    Setting up Pound and using a lan IP on a server like as a backend target will work and Pound will pass on the traffic to that host.
    Using the same pound config but changing the IP to which is setup as a frontend (it's also a vIP) in HaProxy will result in not serving requests and reporting the as not available for connectivity.

    I then logged in via SSH on the pfSense appliance and telnet to my port on it which is working. I tried again on the pfSense appliance to connect via telnet to on the frontend listening port and it's timing out. I remoted on my host and telnet to and this is working.

    It seems from within pfSense is not allowing me to connect to a vIP and a port from within which is blocking pound to connect and pass on the packets to HaProxy.

    Anybody has an idea?


    P.S. I know this ain't a "supported" scenario but this is a nice brain-masher

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