Is pfsense meant to help with installing snort?

  • I thought I was invoking pkg_add when I clicked on snort under packages, but apparently not so.  Does pfsense give me any help with getting it installed & set up, or do I need to do it all by hand just as tho I were running vanilla fBSD?

  • I guess we're meant to do it by hand und damit basta.

  • Installing Snort from the packages adds the package via pkg_add, or PBI if 2.1, and has a GUI to set it up and manage.

  • @cmb:

    Installing Snort from the packages adds the package via pkg_add, or PBI if 2.1, and has a GUI to set it up and manage.

    Thanks for your response.

    From a human-factors standpoint, it would be better to use a more explicit button on that page and move it into the leftmost column under the name of the package.

    The link attached to the name is a "garden path" trap:  it sets up expectations that it doesn't fulfill.  Since the person on that page might not have set up any rules at that point, the cryptic, monochromatic "+" button over on the right side is hard to even notice, never mind interpret, especially next to the eye-attracting column in white reversed out of what looks like #CC0000 red. Imagine how different the effect would be even just changing that description to black-on-white and reversing the button out of red instead.

    Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to use color where it can mislead.  There's no reason for the "description" column to be emphasised (the same righthand column is reversed out of red on other pages, too, with the same lack of meaning).  Color should only be used where it can't be misinterpreted (e.g., the menu bar, the page title) or where it focuses attention on something significant.  Because of how many people can't perceive color at the usual level of accuracy, the choice of a specific color should never be used to encode meaning (not that that's being done here).

    It would also be better to have the left column alphabetised.  Right now it's almost alphabetised, which sets up another incorrect expectation.

    Even the choice of greyscale on the packages page is hard to interpret.  The darker grey in the not-selected tab is "stronger" than the lighter grey, and therefore appears to be selected.  The standard for selected vs not-selected is to lower the contrast on the not-selected tab.  So both tabs should have the same background, but the text on the unselected tab should have a lower contrast with the background, in this case the grey of the es.

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