• Hello Friends!

    I have a created an lcdexec.conf file for my crystalfontz 633 lcd screen, it works perfectly, i am also using LCDproc-dev package.

    The problem is that lcdexec doesnt run automatillacy on boot, i have to manually type: lcdexec for my display to start showing me the menu.

    Here is what i have done:

    *Search the forum for my problem: No luck there, i dont know if people dont use lcdexec much.
    *i have created the file: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/lcdexec.sh with this info:


    $FreeBSD: ports/sysutils/lcdproc/files/lcdexec.in,v 1.3 2012/01/14 08:57:01 dougb Exp $

    PROVIDE: lcdexec



    SET THEM IN THE /etc/rc.conf FILE

    . /etc/rc.subr


    load_rc_config $name

    : ${lcdexec_enable="YES"}
    : ${lcdexec_conf="/usr/local/etc/lcdexec.conf"}
    : ${lcdexec_flags="-c ${lcdexec_conf}"}


    run_rc_command "$1"

    I dont know what else to do for lcdexec to autostart on boot after the LCDd services has finish loading.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You're right, people don't use it much!  ;)
    However a few people do use it. Search in the lcdproc-dev thread for some examples.
    A common cause of something running from the command line but not when run automatically is that there is no path (or a limited one) set for the 'auto user'. You must use full path to all the commands, though you appear to have mostly done that.


  • Hi!!

    If they don't use lcdexec what do they use? i mean if they are using an lCD display the coolest thing is being able to control you box with it.

    I just got this to work, it was actually a permission issue, the lcdexec.sh wasnt set to execute i just chmod it and it loads beautifully on boot.


  • Netgate Administrator

    I think most people, including me, are just happy to have the display working at all.  ;)
    Yes it is pretty cool being able to control the box from the display especially if you have embedded hardware with no VGA/keyboard console. Have a look a what Brak was doing. I'm not sure if he ever released his code but he used lcdexec to allow you to reboot the box, reset interfaces, a load of things.


  • Ok!

    Thanks for ur answers Steve, i hope this thread may help some other lost soul in the future.

    Yes, i copy my lcdexec.conf from some guy which i dont remember the name, but im able to reboot, shutdown, reset webgui, interfaces, etc.

    When im done with my box ill post pictures of the case.