Open VPN IPv6 Issue

  • Just upgraded to 2.1 and noticed an issue with the OpenVPN client I currently have configured and was working on 2.0.1 aparently there is a ipv6 gateway that is automatically created and i have no idea on how to disable it any assistance on this issue would be greatly appricated.

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  • I'd suggest removing the OpenVPN interface assignment, in most cases you don't need it.

    Btw: It seems like you have the widescreen package installed, that is not compatible with 2.1. You should remove it and update to a next snapshot to make sure the changes are gone. Also the unbound package might not be supported.

  • Sorry if I am misunderstanding but if I remove the interface assignment for the OpenVPN client how would I go about setting up the gateway and rules for the outbound VPN traffic?

    SN: The widescreen package is working well so far with the upgrade I did notice when I upgraded it removed my snort interfaces and rules assignments suppression lists etc… but probably my fault might not have had the "keep settings after uninstall" selected.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    the IPv6 gateway is automatic and harmless. It would not be the source of any problems.

  • Thank You Gentlemen For Your Time I Guess My Real Question Is, Since My OpenVPN Tunnel Does Not Support IPv6 Is There A Way To Keep This Interface From Automatically Creating Or Starting The IPv6 Stuff On A Per Interface Basis? I Know If I Set Say My Wan Interface IPv6 To None Then A Gateway Is Not Created For It But The OpenVPN Creates A Gateway Anyways…

    I Know Everyone Is Busy But Any Assistance Would Be Appreciated This Is A Great Community And An Awesome Project!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No. It's automatic, harmless, and is really not doing anything. It's not the cause of any problem you might have.

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