Pfsense success stories

  • Had a look through search to see if there was any stories about people who have successfully implemented PFSense in their Home/SOHO/SMB/Corp

    Taking the first go at it, I spent a large amount of time on this, trying to figure out the best way to setup pfsense for my home, so that the kids could browse safe, my partner could do her thing, all while not having to worry "is the net going to drop". That was the common factor for me, from a previous house we lived at, we had a modem handling all QoS as well as VoIP, etc etc etc

    Needless to say, it did NOT like it when i started to hammer the downloads, as it literally overloaded the modems available state tables, and basically caused it to reboot.

    Fast forward to today, I've now got a very stable pfsense box controlling our internet, hooked up to an AP to handle wireless (running DD-WRT)

    Uptime has been over 2 months now (approaching 61 days), and it hasnt missed a beat

    So the moment I get a few free $$, Im going to throw a donation along, as i feel if you do manage to get pfsense doing what its meant to for you, or someone you've set it up for, its only fair that you recognise the devs hard work

    I'm right in assuming that, i thinkĀ  ;D

  • I just think pfsense is ace! Got no real massive complaints about it at all!

    I just really need to start getting more experimental like the good person that said I needed to add a rc.d script to check on if Snort was not running run it, but using the great service (I think Squid Guard is), I have not had one single bit of malware accidentally run like that annoying system cleaner is it on the web, that instantly causes havok with Windows and many more have never infected my computer.

    With my easy to configure wifi access point (which in the end was easier than I imagined to setup), I now have a flat thats fully capable of using wifi for my tablet and android phone!


    I decided to turn a feature off on one of the network cards or sorry pfsense's appreciation of it I think it was (so to avoid this) using interrupts, for some reason I don't think's supported on my cards, weird yea? Because the router kept crashing and creating loads of crash dumps ugh annoying, turned that feature back on and now is stable, I was gutted at the time I thought my routers (because it's an ancient machine, I mean going back to 1999ish date when this computer was made, maybe slightly earlier, I don't know) hardware was failing ugh! Oh well fixed that with a bit of power of knowing what I had done prior to these errors happening, I was sure though I had that sorted before, oh well probs didn't if its all working fine for me now, I just wanted to see if I'd speed up the network traffic but to be honest even when it didn't reboot/crash at the times between them, no increase in performance really, I think that's when you have allot of people demanding things off the router and it's just me on my network.

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