How is pfsense better than mikrotik or vyatta !!

  • hello every body
    I just want to ask IS pfsense better than Mikrotik or vyatta
    can any body tell me (just simply) what can pfsense do for me


  • mikrotik-you need a license , no open source/free ,menus are confusing.
    vyatta  - the free version doesn't have a web interface anymore , and support on the forums for the "community/free users" is scarce.
    pfsense - good comunity , intuitive , good support/documentation , developers are deeply involved in the users problems/suggestions.

  • blackbrayn's answer is good. To add to that, you're comparing significantly different product categories. Mikrotik and Vyatta are really routers, they're Cisco IOS replacements. We're a firewall, a Cisco ASA replacement. Just as a point of comparison that people tend to understand. Your question is more like asking "Is a Cisco ASA better than a Cisco IOS router?" Different purposes, different scenarios usually where each is the right fit. There is overlap between them to some extent.

  • Vyatta does offer firewalling and markets its product as Cisco IOS/ISR/ASA replacement. Actually there is a great overlap of features, so IMHO it boils down to whether there's a specific feature you need that a certain product is best at or (most likely) which product the network engineer / consultant knows best.

    Mikrotik and Vyatta are Linux-based so they inherit the strengths of that OS.

    To offer a concrete example, Mikrotik has strong wireless features (P2P, PTMP etc) thanks to its roots, and is also readily available as off-the-shelf very inexpensive MIPS-based appliances. However it seems their Linux kernel hacking has strayed away considerably from mainline kernel, and this has resulted in certain weird problems e.g. Mikrotik doesn't and won't support OpenVPN over UDP.

    Vyatta seems to be sticking closely to Debian Linux, and incorporates the latest developments (IPsec VTI, IKEv2 etc)

  • Can't say much about vyatta but i abandoned mikrotik since i heard some odd behaviour like reboots caused by high cpu usage on their own hardware , that was very fail on their part , or maybe is just some isolated incident.

  • Well I'd like to present to you an end users PoV from trying to setup a Firewall/Router based on the 3

    Mikrotik: Headache. There was quite a lot of options in there I thought werent really all THAT useful, especially for me and my family at home. But for some it might work

    Vyatta: Filth….IMO...Nuff said

    PFSense: Lot of configurability, easiest of the 3 to setup. Can be finicky over certain package installations, but works extremely well once you have the base configuration right

  • Rebel Alliance

    I'm far from a Network expert, but after try lot of "FW distros" (from A to Z), we ended deploying our FW & "pseudo SBC" with pfSense (+ siproxd), it do what we need and is easy to config. Thumbs up for the pfSense team, also the community here in the forum is helpfull.

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