Subnetted WAN block passed through to OPT1 for VOIP

  • My ISP has given me a block of 10 IP addresses sitting behind a single IP address. My WAN interface on my PFSense 2.0.2 RC3 box is using with a gateway of My ISP tells me they have my block of 10 addresses configured to route through The block is

    Up until this point in time, I have had no need for my 10 addresses and have natted everything through the single IP on the WAN interface (

    Now I need to use a couple of addresses for my VOIP network. I am trying to subnet my into a and use on my OPT1 interface and as my SIP interface on my VOIP server.

    I have something wrong. I can connect outbound to the internet from, but even with all policies set to any/any I can't connect back to 158 in any fashion. Also when checking when browsing to What is MY IP on the internet from 158, I show as coming from 110 instead of 158.

    Can someone give me some pointers on what I am doing wrong? If I have not provided enough information, please let me know.

  • I'm shooting in the dark here, but can you try this?

    Instead of the using WAN IP, use an IP Alias for your natted LAN (1:1 external ip to internal LAN subnet) -
    For your OPT1 interface, assign it and give your server
    Try without static routes or gateways assigned to those interfaces.

    Hopefully, someone with more knowledge will chime in and correct me if I'm wrong.

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