Swap size

  • I'm installing pfsense but I'm running into an issue with the swap partition. I have a 4gb msata ssd drive and 4gb of ram installed in my system. The pfsense install defaults to a 4gb swap partition size which is my entire drive. I would like suggestions on what size of a swap partition I should use, or even if I should use one at all. Thank you.

  • My pfSense boxes have 256MB RAM and 260MB swap space on a 1GB solid state disk module and both boxes rarely use ANY swap space.

    How about allocating 1GB swap and see what happens. Unless you have an extraordinarily active box (or run squid, snort and co) with that much RAM you shouldn't have much need to use swap space.

  • I'll try 1gb and see how things turn out. I wanted to use snort, maybe squid and dansguardian as well. Thanks for the info.

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