• Hello everyone,

    Running pfsense 2.0.1 dns updates for do not seem to be working. When i first add the entries the IP is updated fine, and it is shown green in the web interface. If the IP changes it is not updated with the, making it useless. is working fine. Is anyone else using freedns without trouble, and if so mind posting settings? Perhaps i'm missing something obvious. Thanks!

  • deleted my old message … found the solution :)

    could it be that you didn't put the token? and instead you put the password you use to log in to freedns?

    the solution is to go to the "Dynamic DNS" on the freedns website, and then select at the bottom one of the scripts, download it, and then open it with any text editor. then get the token (a series of letters and numbers) and then put it into pfsense.

  • Hi,
    Would anyone be able to assist with this issue, as I am having little trouble getting my setup to work correctly. It works with DynDns, but is not updating my IP information correctly.
    My DynDns configuration for pfSense 2.0.2 is as follows:

    DynDNS (dynamic), Interface = WAN, Hostname=, Username= myusername (the one I login with to website), Password = U29ASFYwTVRTTUlBQU5XXXXXXXXXXXXXXusdfd (the Authentication Token and not the password I use to login to the website).

  • Interesting.. Didnt know did that…

    PErsonally this is what i do

    Create a domain within

    Make it a Cname to (

    And then use pfsense to point and update using

    ITs free and easy to do! No hash tagging etc. In my pfense it just put in my username and password for and BOOM!!! Updates

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