SqudGuard - Individual logging option not working

  • Hello everybody,

    I found out that the individual logging options are not working for me.
    I have logging enabled globally on the "General settings" page.

    I have different targets and different groups but no matter if I enable logging on a target or not it is always logging everything.
    If I disable logging on general page and just have logging on a target or a Group ACL enabled squidguard is logging nothing.

    Can someone help me with that ?
    I just want to select some targets or groups to log but not all.

    Thanks in advance!

    –--- edit -----

    Have to correct my statement a little bit. Individual logging seems to work if the targets are self created.
    But I am using the "shallalist" and these lists will always be logged if logging is enabled on "general settings" page.

    So I think I can say:
    Logging on "General settings" must be enabled to get the possibility to log anything.
    If nothing else is selected then it only logs the uploaded blacklist categories.
    Then you can add additional logging for the self created "Group ACL" or "Target Categories".

    Would be nice to edit if logging the blacklists should be also enabled or not.