Load balance symmetrical / non symmetrical connection

  • Dear pfSense enthusiasts,

    I use pfSense from 2 years now, and it's a very very nice router platform.

    I use pfSense on soekris boards to route internet connections on events (sport and others).

    For now, and often, we use between 2 and 6 WAN connections, and 4 LAN. We are using VLAN on each.

    Actually, we use route policy to affect bandwidth to protocols ( FTP on wan2, SMTP on wan 3, etc etc ), but we would like a transparent solution for users.

    Typically, we have a 12Mbps down / 1Mbps up adsl connection, and a 4/4Mbps SDSL connection.

    If we put TIER1 on each connection, we don't use ADSL connection ( I think it's a latency reason ). If we put TIER2 on SDSL connection, all our users use ADSL connection, FTP and SMTP are using SDSL.

    How can we make a good repartition for each connection and how can we avoid to saturating ADSL connection ? ( some users upload movie files with a HTTP connection ( youtube ) ).

    I hope you can understand my bad english.

    Thanks for your help


  • Dear all,

    today I try to use different weight on gateways, 3 for DSL ( 12mbps down / 1mbps up ) and 1 for sdsl ( 4/4 mbps ).

    It's working, but not the best way to make a good load balance. We can't have any control on all users ( HTTP upload )

    Thanks for your help


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