WAN traffic graph shows regular drops in traffic

  • Hi,
    I have been using pfSense at the office and thought it was ready for DMZ-duty :) I have installed 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386) in a Supermicro chassis.

    So, in the DMZ I have some sort of problem in the Internet connection I think, because streaming media skips frames.

    I now have built a brand new DMZ; new stream server, cables, switch and now firewall, and also switch with fibre converter for Internet connection, so everything is brand new and should have no relation to my other equipment that shows the same problem (uses the same Internet connection, on another IP-range though).

    I just need to understand what goes on with this WAN traffic graph, because that is the first evidence that something is wrong with the Internet connection.

    If I set update interval of the graph to 1 seconds the problem is not shown. I need to go > 5 seconds, the screen dump is 10 seconds interval.

    What does those drops actually mean? What values are the graph based on?

    Ps: Installed ntop on pfSense, but that piece of software does not see those drops in traffic.

  • On a 32 bit OS that pulls from a 32 bit counter, which at ~140 Mbps will wrap very quickly. When it wraps, it drops to 0. Real throughput doesn't drop.

  • THANK YOU, for that answer. If its correct, I trust it is, it will help me tremendously in my trouble shooting.

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