Is there a way to forward ssh through pfSense?

  • I keep my home network locked up tight, really there is only one way in from the outside and that's through ssh. Every now and then I need to grab something from my server at home or would like to use X forwarding (ssh -X) to another home computer. If I needed a file I would have to scp it to my pfSense box from a home computer, then scp from the pfSense box to a computer I'm on outside my network. Is there a way to do this without port forwarding for separate computers at home, say a tunnel through pfSense? Also, I have never had much luck with setting up a VPN, and I have tried several tutorials with no luck.

  • zebedee package can do it, without the need of a valid user on pfsense.

    Just to be sure I've understood your setup, today you portforward internal servers inside a ssh connection to firewall and then access server 1 on for example?

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    once you forward ssh to one box inside your network, you can just tunnel anything you want through that connection to any other server on your network.  Example remote desktop if you want.

    But if what you want is access to your whole network from outside - then vpn would be the better route.  Openvpn is pretty much click through the wizard and your good to go.

    I would suggest you work out your vpn issues as your best solution

  • If you are looking to get the most of your SSH service, read the SSH book by Michael Lucas:

    I am not affiliated with Michael in any way other than having a shelf load of his books.

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