Easy feature wish

  • Hi all!

    I`ve upgraded my box to 2.1 so far so good.
    Since this is dev build and it will continue to evolve I think it would be great to add
    WAN uptime in System information widget.
    Somwhere under system uptime… This gives you fast overlook especially useful for pppoe users...

    What do you think?


  • Good idea, but this should be generalized and made available for each network interface.
    It then should be part of the "Interfaces" widget, which below the interface name would have enough space for an uptime counter.

    e.g. in my case, the WAN link is just a raw tunnel transport, since all IPv4 Traffic leaves the net over an IPsec tunnel (this may become an OpenVPN tunnel or some other tunnel in the future) and all IPv6 traffic leaves over a tunnel-broker tunnel. So WAN uptime for me would be somewhat meaningless, because what I'm really interested in is the uptime of these various tunnel interfaces.

    So if uptime is reported on a per interface basis in the "interfaces" widget, that would most universally cover the various configurations that may be thrown at a pfSense box.

  • Hi!

    That would be even better as interface status already has a widget and it makes more sense that uptime is displayed there…
    For pppoe users uptime is easy to read :)

    Devs what you say, can this be incorporated in future builds?


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