Two Minor GUI related bugs in Squidguard.1.3_1 pkg v.1.9.1

  • Probably already reported, but a couple of issues.  All items are current releases.

    1. Services, Proxy Filter, Times.  When adding a weekly type record, an "*" is placed in the date range field.  Saving the config does not generate any errors.  When the "Squidguard" "Apply" button is clicked, it chokes on the config. To work around the problem, just change the record type to Monthly, then delete the *, and change back to Weekly.

    The page should probably check and fix the fields prior to trying to save them.  The monthly record types seem fine.

    2. When clicking apply, the page tries to refer to "/pkg_edit", but the url does not contain the name of the package, so you get a browser "Page not found" error.  (IE8).  Hitting "Back" on the browser brings up a page so that you can navigate again.

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