Delay DHCP response from PFSense

  • Dear folks,

    I have a question that may seem a little awkward at first.

    We have remote sites that have a local DC that also serves as DHCP.
    If that server fails, everything still works, just slower because the failovers are behind a VPN.
    Everything except DHCP of course.

    We prefer using the Windows DHCP because of the DNS registration in AD.

    However, I'd like to be able to configure PFSense to respond to DHCP requests if for some reason the remote server does fail (otherwise the other failovers are useless essentially, if no one can get an IP).

    Is it possible to configure PFSense to delay the response of DHCP by let's say 10 seconds?
    That way, the primary Windows server will always serve IPs first unless it is down. But if it is down, PFSense will then start assigning IPs with a 10 second delay.

    I was thinking about using the traffic shaper with a limiter and set the delay to a certain time, but isn't there a better way?
    Kind of like the inverse of max-response-delay…

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