LCDproc problem. HD44780 in LPT

  • hi friends, i have a problem with my 20x4 HD44780 in lpt port. wiring is ok. no problems in system log.
    i select com port: /dev/lpt0 and driver HD44780.

    edit:  i see in /usr/local/etc/LCDd.conf, conection type says LCD2usb.

    i edit /usr/local/pkg/ and LCD work.

    case "hd44780":
    $config_text .= "[{$lcdproc_config['driver']}]\n";
    $config_text .= "driverpath=/usr/local/lib/lcdproc/\n";
    $config_text .= "Port=0x378\n";
    $config_text .= "Device=/dev/lpt0\n";
    $config_text .= "ConnectionType=winamp\n";
    $config_text .= "Speed=0\n";
    $config_text .= "Keypad=no\n";
    $config_text .= set_lcd_value("contrast", 1000, 850);
    $config_text .= set_lcd_value("brightness", 1000, 800);
    $config_text .= set_lcd_value("offbrightness", 1000, 0);
    $config_text .= "Backlight=no\n";
    $config_text .= "OutputPort=no\n";
    $config_text .= "Charmap=hd44780_default\n";
    $config_text .= "DelayMult=3\n";
    $config_text .= "DelayBus=true\n";
    $config_text .= "Size={$lcdproc_config['size']}\n";

    only me or its a wrong code?

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