Intel i350: recognized, but no traffic and no DHCP

  • G'day

    I'm looking at a IBM x3550 M4 pizza box which has 4 integrated i350-based onboard NICs )
    2.0.1 doesn't even boot (panics early at initializing SMP) but a 2.1 snapshots at least boot to the OS.

    Current symptom is:

    • igb gets loaded and detects the i350's

    • tries to get a DHCP lease and for device chosen as WAN but times out

    • setting an IP address in ig0-2 via ifconfig works, but doesn't give working network

    • doing the same with igb3 tells on the console: igb3: igb3: Could not receive structures

    I also checked against native FreeBSD (amd64) 8.3 and 9.0, the issue is the same so far.
    Any idea what I should look for for more meaningful feedback?

  • If my memory is correct, you should search the pfSense forums for some system tweaks to address this. A search string such as "igb receive structures" might turn up something useful.

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