Up-to-date ISO build instructions?

  • G'day

    I was looking for up-to-date build instructions for building my own pfSense 2.1 snapshot ISO to try more recent 'igb', 'mfi' driver from LSI since it supports a couple more of those pesky MegaRAID controllers.
    The pfSense repository at github doesn't contain build instructions so far. (made me think of this) ;-)

    The only thing I found is the bellow link but this looks quite outdated referencing FreeBSD 6: http://devwiki.pfsense.org/DevelopersBootStrapAndDevIso

    Is there recent instructions on public pages to get started?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The page you linked is still accurate, just install the right FreeBSD version to match whatever image you want to build (a version list is on the doc wiki)

  • Ok, sorry then for the doubts.

    As I'm not yet enough familiar with jails (and ezjails doesn't export /usr/ writeable by default) I got started with a throw-away VirtualBox to get started and see how far I can go with that. :-)

    EDIT: Yup, at least some bootable ISO was spit out, thanks.

    jimp: Nonetheless I have a suggestion for this page since cvs.pfsense.org is dead, all links to extra patches (possibly not needed anymore?), could the be updated or wiped?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Cleaned out the sections that were pointing to the old/retired server.

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Hi MatSim, did you success with your ISO?

  • Yep, usually the first fails because of some missed port dependencies (is documented as such) then you redo the build and from then on everything works quite fine.
    The first build run usually takes quite long time to  build all ports, so the more cores you throw at it, the faster it will go.