2x Public IPs to two separate internal LANs

  • Hello,

    I am not sure if this is possible however i will try to explain my idea, and hopefully someone can tell me if it will work.

    I am looking to combine the functionality of two pfsense servers into a single unit.  my ISP currently gives me two IP's through a modem, I am currently using a switch with two pfsense boxes on it to take one of each IP and then dish out DHCP to two networks.

    What I would like to do is consolodate into a single pfsense box, my plan was to add 2 more NICs to one of the boxes feed it 2x WAN connections, and then have each WAN assigned to its own internal network/subnet/dhcp scope (assuming this is possible.)  This is usually done by defining the gateway for each LAN interface as i understand it, however I cant seem to find any configuration for that.

    And my last question is it possible to remove the switch that is upstream of my pfsense boxes?  the one that is sitting between the modem and the pfsense box, and somehow pull both IPs out via 1 ethernet run.

    Hope this all makes sence or is even feasable.


  • that's probably possible with a single WAN and two LANs, assuming that's two public IPs on the same ISP and same subnet. How are the IPs assigned?

  • They are actually dynamic IPs coming from the ISP I can check if they are in the same subnet in a day or two.  The ISP also assignes based on MAC address and never change them, so they are basically static once they are assigned.

  • That's less than ideal, but that'll be fine if you have two NICs going to your ISP. With the normal ways of assigning multiple public IPs you only need one NIC, but not in that case.

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