Rsync folder not work

  • I can't rsync a folder in pfsense from a linux server, but scp works.
    Where are I mistaken?

    scp -r .

    .total                                    100%  230    0.2KB/s  00:00                              100%  23KB  23.1KB/s  00:00                              100%  10KB  9.9KB/s  00:00                              100%  557    0.5KB/s  00:00
    .features                                  100%  131    0.1KB/s  00:00
    .group                                    100%  171    0.2KB/s  00:00
    .realname                                  100%  70    0.1KB/s  00:00
    .total                                    100%  300    0.3KB/s  00:00

    rsync -var -e "ssh" .

    rsync: not found
    rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [receiver]
    rsync error: remote command not found (code 127) at io.c(635)

    I am using port 322 instead of 22 for ssh in both pfsense and the linux box (but dont' thik this is the problem).

    Thanks, P.

  • I presume you are issuing the rsync command on a Linux system and expecting pfSense to respond.

    pfSense standard installs do not include the rsync and rsyncd utilities.

    The man page for rsync on my Ubuntu 12.04 netbook says of the "-e" option:

    If this option is used with [user@]host::module/path, then the remote  shell  COMMAND  will  be
                  used  to  run an rsync daemon on the remote host,

    Since there is no rsyncd on the remote host (pfSense) this won't work!

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