SNORT pkg v. 2.5.1 Interface Stops

  • Hi all,

    Hoping someone can take another stab at this. I had posted a while back the same issue but did not get resolved.

    I've noticed that every time SNORT updates itself it will fail to start the interface. However if I start the interface manually it works just fine…

    The issue had started a few package updates back and I had hoped an update might resolve.

    Running on PFSense 2.0.1-RELEASE (AMD64)

    Any thoughts?


  • I had the same issue. Deinstall snort and install again. That helped resolve in my case. I didnt delete the old settings. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the info igor I had figured by upgrading (which deinstalls) this would do the same.

    Tried uninstalling, rebooting, and then installing again and so far my interface has remained up! :)

    I will keep in an eye on it over the next while but looks like that did solve it.


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