Using DDNS domain name locally don't map to the right local computer

  • Hi all!

    I'm kind of new to the pfsense world by I love the system so far.
    My only problem is that I would like to use my DDNS address (or my WAN IP) both on the WAN side and locally but I always end up at the pfsense box when using it locally even if I have configured the port forwarding to another computer.

    Example 1:
    I have forwarded the port 80 to my NAS and when using "" externally all is good and I get the NAS web service byt internally I end up at the login screen of the pfsense box.

    Example 2:
    I have forwarded the required ports for the NAS cloud service and externally it works but locally I can't connect due to the fact that the pfsense box don't redirect to the NAS. If I use the local IP it works but I can't have 2 configs for my cloud client, I would like to use one address regardless of where I am (externally or locally).

    Example 3:
    I have forwarded the RDP port to my server and the same thing happen, pfsense don't forward the RDP request to my server locally. Everything seem to end up at the pfsense box.

    I have no idea what's causing this and I use the default settings for DNS.
    I cant just override the DNS w/ a forward of the domain address directly to a local IP because I use different destination computers depending on destination port.

    I don't know what to search for regarding my problem so I apologize if my question have been answered elsewhere.

    Best regards, L

  • I answer my own question, I realized that this is not a DNS problem but a NAT problem. Enabling "NAT reflection" in the NAT rules did the trick. But not for port 80, I guess I have to change the pfsense webGUI port for that one to work.

    Best regards, L

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