Creating SSH keys but every so often [randomly] they keep getting refused

  • I am wondering if any other user of pfsense are getting the same error as me, when I try and create SSH keys to login to my SSH service. Every now and again they keep getting refused.

    I am able to use them up to a point but then they keep being stopped from using, technically being refused, I have noticed this about 2 weeks ago, then I thought it'd be a good idea to turn off disable password logins from the webGUI, though what I have noticed by doing that is that (I kept the file) the duplicated and then renamed to authorized_keys file has been deleted.

    Is there any way if anyone has had this problem of resolving this issue, it's really becoming annoying?

    Thanks and I await anyones reply,

  • Are you just manually copying authorized_keys into place? You have to add the keys in System>User Manager.

  • Ahh right sorry.

    Yea makes sense to be honest, just going into auto mode myself when I do things like this with my server.

    Thanks for the tip!

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