Can i make streaming faster on hulu ?

  • Hello

    i haven't installed pfsense yet, i am looking for a solution to have hulu download faster, we live in the middle of the woods and we can only get 1mb/s dsl, we would like to get 2 connections and be able to watch hulu :)  ( with 1mb/S it works most of the time, except at night when it slows down, so we almost have enough speed, we would just need that extra bit i guess )

    is that possible with pfsense ? or would a simple router with load balancing do the trick ?

    thanks !

  • Pretty sure Hulu uses a single TCP connection to stream, so no multi-WAN load balancing will improve that. Short of options like bonding the connections that require the cooperation of your ISP (MLPPP, BGP, etc.).