Port forward to wan

  • my firewall has a public ip of 96.57.xxx.226 and my server have a public ip of 96.57.xxx227 i cannot connect to ssh nor i can communicate with it. the server is running solusvm and is a vps.

    please help

  • Have you tried reaching it from the server?

    Without more info such as existing rules for all interfaces, it will be hard to help you.

  • I'm trying to run multiple VPS that requires a dedicate IP and switching them into local ips.
    I have 5 static IP
    3 servers
    one gigabit switch
    2 pfsense firewalls
    2 IP for the dns servers
    1 IP for the SSL for payments gateway.
    and 2 IP for the Nat

    VPS will have class A local IP's
    Each DNS will be hosted inside a VPS with a dedicate public IP listed below.
    DNS IPS:
    dns: 196.xx.xxx.226
    dns2: 96.xx.xxx.227
    SSL: 96.xx.xxx.228
    Firewall will use

    I will do a port forward from public ip to the local IP which i learn how to do.
    I just can't get the public ip to be NAT to another public IP. how do i achieve that?
    i will be using the following interfaces
    sk0= for 96.xx.xxx.229 WAN
    sk1= local NAT
    SK2= dns1 96.xx.xxx.226
    sk3=dns1 96.xx.xxx.227
    sk4=ssl 96.xx.xxx.228

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