Need direction

  • Good Morning all,

    Let me say I am a returning member for PFS, and many things have changed from the last time I used this distro. What I am needing a little help with is a home setup that I have two Xboxs multiple mobile devices and a couple of PCs. I want the ability to restrict the times that my daughter is allowed to browse the internet on all of her devices. I also want to restrict sites based on categories. My last wish it to use snort to stop unwanted traffic. I seen those posts and that is an issue I believe is a user error, but I wanted to put this on my list of things I needed help with. I have already found out how to setup a VPN between my two homes so that part is complete.

    On a sude note if anyone knows of a way to have a free wins server that would be a GREAT help. Trying to get an Xbox to see my Windows Home server across a VPN is very hard to say the least.

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