Routed error message spamming system log

  • The spec is Dell R310, ESXi 5.1, pfSense 2.01

    Need help to identify the following message as it is spamming a pfSense box system log.

    routed[62596]: em4 (203.1x6.x2x.3xx (mask 0xffffff00)) is duplicated by em1 (203.1x6.xx4.x2x (mask 0xffffff00))

    I am not sure this error message is related or not, the pfsense box will freeze after running few hours.
    Have to restart the pfSense VM once it freeze.

  • routed[62596]: em4 (203.1x6.x2x.3xx (mask 0xffffff00)) is duplicated by em1 (203.1x6.xx4.x2x (mask 0xffffff00))

    The first address should be impossible, the end bit is ".3xx" - each number can only go up to 255.
    They look like 2 "/24" addresses that could be in the same subnet, but I can't be sure of that because of the "x" in your message.
    Are the first 3 numbers of each address the same?

  • hi Davis, thanks for helping,  i replaced the number in IP address with x for security reason.

    The first three number are same.

    I am using em4 as interface for pSync(CARP+VIP) through switch. em1 is LAN interface.
    Both em4 and em1 shared same vSwitch and physical switch.

    I have the same setting in CARP slave/backup pfSense box, but this slave/backup pfSense box won't show the error message and it won't hang once in a while like the primary pfSense box.

  • Just now, on both master and slave pfSense box, i replaced the IP address of em4/pSync interface with IP address from different subnet. The error message is gone for master pfSense box.

    Currently observing whether the master pfSense VM will freeze again or not.

  • Yes, that should work. Your VLAN for CARP is now a different subnet from your LAN, so routed will not complain.

  • The primary pfSense VM still crash after running 1-2 hours. I think it is not related to the mentioned error message.

    Scratching head to on the cause of the VM freeze as both remote syslog show no error and nothing written down in /var/crash directory. Anyone can light me out on where else to look for clue?

  • Will open a new thread in Virtualization section on pfsense freezing frequently.

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