• Hi Folks

    Just a quick questions regarding passwords on pfsense. I presume these are stored in /etc/master.passwd being a freebsd based system but was wondering about the purpose of the hashes that are stored in the /cf/conf/config.xml file.

    Thanks in advance - its much appreicated

  • Netgate Administrator

    Everything is stored in the config.xml file. At boot time scripts generate the expected configuration files from it. This means that if edit a file manually it will be overwritten at the next boot.


  • That makes sense - thanks steve.

    I don't suppose you know what the purpose of the MD5-HASH and NT-HASH are out of interest in addition to the password hash which is replicated in /etc/master.passwd.

    Thanks again for your help

  • Netgate Administrator

    I haven't managed to break anything password related yet hence I've not had to look into it!  ::)


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