Squid tcp_outgoing_address

  • Hi all,

    Can someone please confirm weather the "tcp_outgoing_address" command works in pfSense 1.2.3??

    I'm using the command in conjunction with a custom auth helper, and I'm seeing some strange behavior.

    It's almost as if the connections are trying to load ballance, rather than follow the tcp_outgoing_address???

    # Custom options
    acl aps-servers dst
    always_direct allow aps-servers
    acl ISD-servers dst
    always_direct allow ISD-servers
    acl Namecheck ext_user_regex [-i] .*FULLaccess*.*
    tcp_outgoing_address Namecheck

    I have 2 wan IP's, is the default, and I am trying to make a secondary path for some specific users as defined by the "acl Namecheck". However…when I do some packet caps, I can see that outgoing traffic that should be on the tcp_outgoing_address seems to be "bleeding over" to the IP ????


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