Time Based B/W shaping

  • Greetings everyone.
    Could any pfsense guru please show me a way.
    How to configure b/w shaping on office hours.
    i have successfully managed traffic with Bandwidth limitter.
    Now i wan't to limit the bandwidth according to office hours.
    is it possible to limit the b/w based on time.

  • First I want to emphasize that rules are on when scheduling makes them on. If there is already opened session before scheduler hits new rule on, then that session is untouched.

    And second thing, do you want only limit something during officehours and after that allow such traffic? if so you have to create duplicate rules.
    upper rule should be that scheduled one and second one should be that normal allowance

    You can create schedules from Firewall-> Schedules.
    After that go to Firewall -> Rules ( if you have already created your limiters)

    Then create a new rule with your in/out limiters and scheduler (Both in advanced section)
    after added that rule move that up in the list.

    Hopefully you understood. If not I'll try to add pics later to help you out.

  • Hi Metu69salemi.
    Thanks for your response and guidance.
    Indeed it would be more clear if you could add the pics

  • I have given a simple guide here:


    You will need to change the 'Single host/ alias' to the appropriate setting to cover your clients.

  • On 2.1 you can have schedules applied on bandwidth limits which would give you definition of bandwidth rules based on time.

  • Thankyou ermal, dreamslacker & Metu69salemi.
    Yes i'm on v 2.1 . I saw the path now.
    I will walk as per your direction. I'm sure i will reach the destination.
    many thanks

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